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I downloaded, like everyone else it seem, the instagram app that lets you apply funky retro filters to photos on your iphone and share them. Warning, it’s highly addictive and kind of brilliant how it can take a crummy photo and turn it into something artistic, grainy and uber cool.

I went to lunch at my grandma’s on Sunday, I was a little hungover and the bowl of pasta looked like such carby goodness I couldn’t resist taking a photo. After the instagram treatment it looks unreal. saucy goodness.

pasta lunch

Why do things look so good with a filter on them? That nostalgic film harks back to a simpler time and people always look a little browner, a little warmer and, possibly, a little happier?

Marsaxlokk rooftop in Malta… hmmm, if I could beam myself back there right now I’d be the happiest person!

ahhh, nearly spring.

Oh, and this little beauty taken in the Nicholas Building in the city – is it 2011 or 1942?

Paris hat


Pronounced im-dee-nah

Start off with a big cup of tea in the window…..

And then a short run around Valetta

And then into St.Julians for dinner, drinks and a lil maltese style salsa dancing….sweaty