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Guess what?

The blog’s back! Just in time for some research into Europe!

First stop, Munich, for some beer swillin-good times at Oktoberfest. We’ll get outfits from here on Friday, so we can be sure to look the part:

kaufhofand watch the procession of beer carts on Saturday when they crack the first barrel ceremoniously. Swill swill.


We’ve got a long lunch with everyone on Sunday at one of the famous beer halls, then we’re off for a late night flight to Copenhagen, Denmark – land of Borgen, open sandwiches and effortlessly chic cyclists!


We’ll grab coffee from here, midday smørrebrød from here, pre-dinner sips from here, and maybe a late bite here.

Definitely need to rent bikes and free-wheel our way around the city.


Up next, Finland! xx



I downloaded, like everyone else it seem, the instagram app that lets you apply funky retro filters to photos on your iphone and share them. Warning, it’s highly addictive and kind of brilliant how it can take a crummy photo and turn it into something artistic, grainy and uber cool.

I went to lunch at my grandma’s on Sunday, I was a little hungover and the bowl of pasta looked like such carby goodness I couldn’t resist taking a photo. After the instagram treatment it looks unreal. saucy goodness.

pasta lunch

Why do things look so good with a filter on them? That nostalgic film harks back to a simpler time and people always look a little browner, a little warmer and, possibly, a little happier?

Marsaxlokk rooftop in Malta… hmmm, if I could beam myself back there right now I’d be the happiest person!

ahhh, nearly spring.

Oh, and this little beauty taken in the Nicholas Building in the city – is it 2011 or 1942?

Paris hat

City pillows – an unoriginal post

I know, I know, if someone in the future discovers this blog and does a teensy bit of digging they’d find that cup of schmo posted on these city pillows recently (first actually). But they’re good, kitsch and I think they’d look cool on our couch, so I wanted to share them anyway.

Let’s not forget all the fun we had in Seattle – sculpture park, pike place market, boat trip to puget sound, sailing past the passage to alaska, dreaming of getting our able seaman license, belltown, pho in fremont, drinks in capitol hill – with a Seattle cushion!

I’d also like a tangible reminder of the beautiful drive up to San Francisco where we spent a night at the Lamplighter Inn in the quaint and moneyed up town of Carmel-by-the-sea – please.  The breathtaking drive through Big Sur (yep, I’m not dwelling on those winding roads), the awesome Frank Lloyd Wright house on the water, pebble beach golf course… yep, we would definitely need a Carmel-by-the-sea pillow too, oh, wait, they’ve got one!

And to complete the trio we’d have to include the city that inspired the painting. San Francisco. The sunken bed at The Touchstone on Geary, the boozy night at the Redwood Room,  Roman’s Sonoma winery tour, visiting the Frieda Kahlo’s at SFMOMA, mission dolores and walking walking walking. hmmm, definitely pillow time!

So many wonderful memories over there. it’d be so cool to surround ourselves with daily reminders! xx

Our very own Boston Tea Part-eee!

So, I think both being lovers of education, well in the very least spending as long at uni as we possible could we should go to Cambridge and visit Harvard and M.I.T


M.I.T – I can just see good ol Will Hunting walking in to mop the floors and finish equations in the building above…

Frank Gehry has also had a little dabble at M.I.T – wouldn’t be worth it without including some architecture reference…

And I think we have to have a drink at a Harvard Bar…’I thought there would be equations and shit on the wall….’

We love a good stroll, even if the weather will be around zero….The Freedom Trail is 2.5 miles and takes in 16 significant monuments and places of Boston’s history – including Paul Revere’s home – the guy who warned of the British Invasion…

The North End of Boston is pretty much Italy. Food. Let’s ‘reconnect’ with our Euro heritage 😉 with a delicious meal and some chianti…

Newbury St is from what I can gather is the coolio street in Boston kind of like a cross between Chaps and Robbo. You know me, cool.

Couple of museums and galleries for good measure

Museum of Fine Arts

And the new and freakin amazing looking Institute of Contemporary Arts or ICA…

Landsdowne St is where the Boston nightlife goes doof doof..

The Old South Meeting House – the site of the Boston Tea Party…need to do a bit of reading…very historic, very historic button

Trinity Church, I am sure you have seen your fair share of churches – this has some very interesting history and started Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, plus we are trying to reconnect in 2010 remember

Cool old school photo, hey.

I know that you love a good library, well here you go…

Boston Public Library


Isabella Stewart Gardner thought that America was a young country and what a young country needs is art. She built up an amazing collection of over 2,500 pieces and now her spectacular mansion/estate is a museum. God bless her.

The oldest and most famous baseball stadium in the US – Fenway Park – home of the Boston Red Sox. There is a 50 min tour every hour on the hour.

So luckily after a few crazy days in NYC seems like it will be a bit quieter in Boston……hmmmm.

Portland, Oregon

Yes, yes I know you really want to go so you can tell the Rebel ‘girls’ that you went to the LGBT capital of the USA. However there are many other reasons to visit. Here are a couple I stumbled across over a cup of steamin’ and some steel cut oatmeal.

01. Doug Fir

This is the bar in Portland for music and good times. I found this on the Urban Outfitters blog so it must be cool.

02. The Catholic Grotto

If we have a few too many cleansers at Doug Fir we can wonder down to the Catholic Grotto gardens to reflect and in line with our Christmas sermon – we can reconnect.

03. International Rose Garden

Roses are red….

04. Japanese Gardens

To satisfy your penchant for the orient.

05. Dark Better – Microbrewery

To satisfy my penchant for lager.

06. Pittock Mansion

Architecture, interior design, sweeping views and a little bit of history. Just a few of our favourite things.

07.  Portland Art Museum

If you have seen one, well you have only seen one. Best to see them all.

08.  Powells Books

Referred to as one the worlds best and most chaotic book stores with over 1 million new and used books.

09.  Voodoo Donuts

I know how you love a donut. This place could quite very well be your Mecca. Go NorthWest young woman.

When we go to the windy city…

After just a teeny bit of digging, I have found so much to do in Chicago… so excited for the visit!


One thing I didn’t really think about was how cold it is going to be… as it is almost December, and it is known for it’s harsh winters, weather forecast says average November temps are 8 degrees celcius high, and zero as a low. There is an average snowfall of 2.9″ as well! Didn’t think about the cold, but am kind of looking forward to getting all rugged up…


The day we arrive is Thanksgiving, and Chicago holds their annual Thanksgiving parade – running since 1934. The scene is described on a tourism site as: “A chill is in the air, the leaves are off the trees, and Chicago gears up for the upcoming holiday season.” I think it would be great to go to the parade… 


Also kicking off the week we arrive is the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival… There are over one million lights turned on along Michigan Avenue (the hotel we are thinking of staying in is one block back from this) and they look so twinkly and beautiful. magmilelightThe day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, and is known as the best shopping day of the year – as there are major sales… so that might be fun to check out as well. 

A couple of areas that I think would be great to visit are Bucktown – a historic neighbourhood that has recently been inhabited by trendsters (isn’t it always the way)… and is said to be ‘contemporary city cross old-school Chicago’… 

bucktownThey have a pub that seems pretty cool too –

bucktownpubAnother area that I would love to walk around in is Wicker Park… how amazing is this building:

wickerparkwickerpark2We can visit the Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Contemporary Art… 

And spend some time walking along the lake too…

lakemichigan2A lot of articles I read said you have to try Chicago-style deep dish pizza too… hmmm, maybe as long as it does not have hoagie-esque repercussions… lunch perhaps?

deepdishThere is also a nice brunch place called Flatwater that was mentioned in a few things I read…bruchI’m clearly excited!! or bored!! xxx

Pronounced im-dee-nah

Start off with a big cup of tea in the window…..

And then a short run around Valetta

And then into St.Julians for dinner, drinks and a lil maltese style salsa dancing….sweaty