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Kitchen mural

We bought this awesome mural a few weeks ago from called ‘Poolside Gossip’. It was snapped by Slim Aarons in 1970 at a desert house in Palm Springs designed by Richard Neutra for Edgar Kaufman. Today it got pasted on the kitchen wall and after delicious dumplings and a photography exhibition, we rushed home to check it out.

And it’s COOL.

Poolside gossip

and here’s the view when you’re doing the dishes:-

and when you’re picking a piece of fruit!

Mural fruit bowl

I’m a big fan xx


As modern as tomorrow…

is a current exhibition at the State Library of Victoria. It focuses on photography in postwar Melbourne and beautifully illustrates the profound impact events in history have on shaping culture.

Almost all of the featured artists came to Melbourne as European immigrants during World War II and introduced a new approach to photography and how we contemplate art and industry.

Tonight we dropped in after work to find we had the whole gallery to ourselves. It was so refreshing wandering around alone with such beautiful works. Below is Athol Shmith’s ‘A Bouquet to your Beauty’ – snapped a bit lopsidedly by me…

It was cool to see beautiful photos of people at work – I loved Wolfgang Sievers photos and it was rad to see industrial shots of the ’60s taken in our trendy modern day inner city suburbs like Brunswick. 

Below is a photo attributed to Helmut Newton of Maggie Tabberer c. 1960 , the cheekbones! Apparently Newton first called Maggie by her nickname, before that she had only been known as Margaret, and she has been known as Maggie ever since.

Typical Melbourne to always have something interesting going  on. Bookended with HuTong dumplings and beers and coming home to see our awesome new kitchen mural = fab night. xx

City pillows – an unoriginal post

I know, I know, if someone in the future discovers this blog and does a teensy bit of digging they’d find that cup of schmo posted on these city pillows recently (first actually). But they’re good, kitsch and I think they’d look cool on our couch, so I wanted to share them anyway.

Let’s not forget all the fun we had in Seattle – sculpture park, pike place market, boat trip to puget sound, sailing past the passage to alaska, dreaming of getting our able seaman license, belltown, pho in fremont, drinks in capitol hill – with a Seattle cushion!

I’d also like a tangible reminder of the beautiful drive up to San Francisco where we spent a night at the Lamplighter Inn in the quaint and moneyed up town of Carmel-by-the-sea – please.  The breathtaking drive through Big Sur (yep, I’m not dwelling on those winding roads), the awesome Frank Lloyd Wright house on the water, pebble beach golf course… yep, we would definitely need a Carmel-by-the-sea pillow too, oh, wait, they’ve got one!

And to complete the trio we’d have to include the city that inspired the painting. San Francisco. The sunken bed at The Touchstone on Geary, the boozy night at the Redwood Room,  Roman’s Sonoma winery tour, visiting the Frieda Kahlo’s at SFMOMA, mission dolores and walking walking walking. hmmm, definitely pillow time!

So many wonderful memories over there. it’d be so cool to surround ourselves with daily reminders! xx

Gertrude St. Projection Festival

Saturday night, Saturday night… what to do?

Given that we live in Melbourne, one of the coolest cities ever, we  share a couple of curries at Curry Cafe, a self-dubbed retro curry restaurant in Westgarth St. before buttoning up our coats and wandering along an illuminated Gertrude St. as part of the Gertrude St. Projection Festival.

“This project reveals the transformative powers of light and image, and how art and design can move us to celebrate our community.”

Over the last couple of weeks Melbourne has been in a State of Design, a local design festival that celebrates design in all its glory throughout the city. This morning I was listening to the radio and heard all about The Repair Workshop, a great initiative taking place at the historic Donkey Wheel House encouraging us to revisit the concept of repairing our goods before disposing them in favour of buying something new. It seems so simple but it’s funny how far we’ve moved away from the idea of fixing and mending.

Anyhoo, the projection show along Gertrude St. was really cool, everyday buildings and shops were transformed by veils of colour and pattern, a crazy crisscross network of lights projecting from diagonal shops, over the street and distant windows – it was fun to explore…

The Polar Nor The Nixon Cut-It