So many wonderful things to do in Finland. I reckon we start with sugar, carbohydrate and caffeine.

Our good friends at Kinfolk recommend Good Life Coffee in which is in the up and coming Helsinki neighbourhood of Kallio. Kallio has the Hakaniemi market and the Workers Housing Musuem to check out as well.

Good Life

As for the sugar and carbohydrate – Finnish Pulla Buns are the way to go. Apparently they and their multiple variations and flavours are everywhere.


If sweet ain’t your thing then I think the equivalent of the Maltese pastizzi is the Finnish Karelian pastry (or you can get your mouth around it – karjalanpiirakka).

Karjalanpiirakka resepti-16

And good ol’ Buzzfeed recommends 42 Finnish foods to have a gnash on. Vispipuuro anyone?


I figure post gorge we’d better do some walking. The Helsinki Design district has over 200 design focused stores – might have a few bits and bobs for Bourke.


And after all that design stimulation we might need a minute to be mindful at Kampin Kapelli – The Silence Chapel.


The second oldest city in Finland, dating back to the 13th century, Porvoo is worth a little explore.


If a World Heritage site is what you are after then we’ll need to hit up Suomenlinna.


And to top it off perhaps we’ll be up for a Michelin Star – six restaurants have them!


Or maybe we’ll want some more traditional fare at Seahorse.


And you know my love of lounges – tell me – is Finnair part of my network? If so lets have a unisex sauna as we leave Finland!



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