Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music

On Saturday night I went to the Sound of Music singalong at the Arts Centre, State Theatre.

Wowser, what a night. I never would have thought there were so many Von Trapp family fanatics living here in Melbourne! I started feeling like the only person at a fancy dress party not in costume when I found myself surrounded by nuns, marias, edelweiss,  leiderhosen and the Austrian hills in the theatre foyer.

It was all pretty hilarious. We were given a bag of goodies which we had to use in some way during the performance to interact with the movie – along with singing to every song – which most people in the audience didn’t even need the captions for. It went a bit like this:

How – [thrust flash card forward]

do you solve a problem like


how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? how do you find a word that means


a flibbertigibbet

a willo’ the whisp

(yep that one was a bit questionable!)

a clown?

It was quite funny – we had to use the flash cards throughout the song and, boy, it got quick… stressful at times, I was pretty happy when the dialogue kicked in.

We also had magical moments – when Maria is asking Captain Von Trapp for some fabric to make play clothes and he says “NO”, we madly start waving little cloth swatches at the screen screaming “behind you, behind you!”

and then, miraculously, Maria turns around and notices the drapes in her bedroom!

We also had to slowly wave our little Edelweiss flowers when the Captain sang ‘Edeweiss’ –and when Maria and the Captain, Gaylord, finally kiss, we fired off party poppers (mainly to keep everyone awake)

Overall a very entertaining night. I think having to hiss at the Baroness  every time she came onscreen was a bit much, she has a fair bit of a lot of screen time… but you don’t often get the chance to clap, shout, scream and boo in public outside a footy match so I think it has my vote.  Now for the Rocky Horror Picture Show!


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