As modern as tomorrow…

is a current exhibition at the State Library of Victoria. It focuses on photography in postwar Melbourne and beautifully illustrates the profound impact events in history have on shaping culture.

Almost all of the featured artists came to Melbourne as European immigrants during World War II and introduced a new approach to photography and how we contemplate art and industry.

Tonight we dropped in after work to find we had the whole gallery to ourselves. It was so refreshing wandering around alone with such beautiful works. Below is Athol Shmith’s ‘A Bouquet to your Beauty’ – snapped a bit lopsidedly by me…

It was cool to see beautiful photos of people at work – I loved Wolfgang Sievers photos and it was rad to see industrial shots of the ’60s taken in our trendy modern day inner city suburbs like Brunswick. 

Below is a photo attributed to Helmut Newton of Maggie Tabberer c. 1960 , the cheekbones! Apparently Newton first called Maggie by her nickname, before that she had only been known as Margaret, and she has been known as Maggie ever since.

Typical Melbourne to always have something interesting going  on. Bookended with HuTong dumplings and beers and coming home to see our awesome new kitchen mural = fab night. xx


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